Wednesday, 21 July 2010

little quiz

For all the pens/art supplies addicts out there: what is this?


During lunch break I stopped by one of the smallest but best stationery store in town, I was chatting with the owner when she showed me this item and I couldn't believe my eyes! It had to come home with me!

The vial is very small, 5,5 cm or 2,4 made of glass with a rubber stopper but the container doesn't really matter though it's nice, what it's really special it's what is inside.
I'm pondering about getting another one so I can use it without regrets.

So, what do you think it is? :)


  1. Those discs wouldn't be solid ink (just add water) would they?

  2. They are! Visconti ink tablets :)
    I never heard of them before, the shop owner said they were supposed to work with the travelling inkwell.

  3. I guessed right away, even never heard of it. Now you should find the appropriate container or, may be, it could be used with yatate?



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