Thursday, 6 May 2010

Vacation at last

This year has been pretty difficult at work, adjusting to a new office, new coworkers and duties, so I think I earned myself some vacation time.

I went to Paris!


Made this out of my beloved Muji notebooks and I had quite fun spattering white acrylic paint all over.


I went to the Louvre and did this quick sketch of François-Joseph Bosio's "Hercule combattant Achéloüs métamorphosé en serpent".
I didn't care for Hercules, never liked when I studied at school, but the snake was pretty amazing and I'm not happy I wasn't able to catch the details.
I sat there sketching and people walked by the statue without noticing it, then they wandered around to have a look at my notebook so they thought it must have been special and went back to take a picture of it.

Jardin du Luxembourg

My favourite place in Paris was Luxembourg Gardens, or "Jardin du Luxembourg".
Paris in spring is beautiful and especially the gardens are amazing. The Gardens are alive with people sunning themselves, running or engaging in a game of pétanques.
I did a quick sketch of this bronze statue because the bright green patina was really eye-catching among beautiful tulips and a flowering cherry tree in the background.
I got my palette here in Italy and it's made by Fome which makes many palettes for big brands (I think Sennelier used to have this version), it houses mainly Sennelier's paints and it's small but has lot of space for colours and mixing.


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