Monday, 4 January 2010

The one that got away

As usual today I visited the local flea-market looking for (pen) treasures.
I found a new, and I mean totally mint with box and tag, Pelikan M150, for 15€ (roughly 20$), and I couldn't leave it there could I?

I also found a Parker 51 but I barely looked at it for my dislike of such hooded nib. I'm not a fan of hooded nibs though I own an Aurora 88 and a Pelikan P1. While many might have jumped at the chance to get such a famous pen in their collection it didn't really appeal to me... until I got back home! I'm not saying that I finally saw the light and changed my opinion on the Parker 51, I still think it looks awkard and stumpy but I started wondering why such pen was so famous and well-liked.

So I braved the cold and went back to the market a few hours later only to find the vendor had already packed for the day and vanished.
In some ways I'm relieved I wasn't faced with the choice of getting such pen, but I'm also disappointed with myself for changing my mind and too late.


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